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Limited Edition Prints and Artist's Proofs

 Limited Edition: A limited edition print is a numbered and signed reproduction by the artist of an original painting with quantity specified by the artist. Once the edition is sold out there are no further copies to be sold.

Artist's Proof: Artist's proofs are additional prints not included in, but of the same quality as, the regular edition. In original prints, artist's proofs are the first prints pulled, which are the truest prints in the edition because the plates and screens have not yet been worn down. Artist's proofs are distinguished by the abbreviation AP and are numbered separately; they often represent 10 percent of an edition and are slightly more expensive than prints in the regular edition.

Giclee: In a giclee print archival inks are used and designed to resist fading, and the chemical composition allows the ink to hold fast to the printed surface. Archival ink will not "run" even if exposed to a moderate amount of moisture. There will be no difference in colors after the fine art is getting printed with that of original. Even though four colors are used in fine art giclee printing on your giclee canvas or paper, there will not be any difference with that of original painting.

My giclee prints are produced by www.thegicleefactory.com. From their website, "In the fine art world, giclee reproductions have to meet strict expectations regarding precision, color matching and longevity, standards usually not expected of, or met by, inkjet prints on canvas.

The use of top-quality archival materials in this case means OBA-free, ph- neutral canvas and paper made in North America or Europe. (Chinese materials just don't provide the quality level required.)  It also means OEM inks, not compatible inks, or solvent, UV or latex inks. And there’s more in the mix: thick and sturdy stretchers made of domestic wood and stable water-based acrylic coating applied with high-precision coating equipment, not paint rollers or spray. All this used to mean high prices and long delays, but not anymore. By designing and building high-precision equipment, introducing efficient production protocols, and using its buying power, The Giclee Factory is able to deliver stunning giclees at a very affordable price."

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All prices are in Canadian dollars.