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M.V. Pathend

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Image Size: 16 in. X 20 in. Original acrylic painting on masonite. Framed.

M.V. Pathend

The M. V. Pathend was a small ferry that provided transportation for passengers and vehicles on Holyrood Pond. It operated between St. Vincent’s, S.M.B. and Peter’s River and was operated by Ignatius (Iggie) Gibbons and James Fleming for approximately ten years- from 1956-1966.  With the building of a road across the beach (and a new bridge on the gut) in St. Vincent’s in 1966, the ferry service was no longer needed. Prior to the ferry service, anyone with a vehicle who wished to cross the pond had to be very innovative. Usually two skiffs (small boats) were tied together with heavy planks on top forming a makeshift barge; the vehicle would be put on the planks via a ramp.

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