Original Paintings > Guardian of Light: Cape Anguille Lighthouse
Guardian of Light: Cape Anguille Lighthouse

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Size: 12 in. X 16 in. Original acrylic painting on canvas. Framed.   SOLD

                                          Guardian of Light (Cape Anguille Lighthouse)


Located in the scenic Codroy Valley on the southwestern most point of Newfoundland, Cape Anguille Lighthouse was constructed in 1908 with funding from Quebec and France. It has an octagonal concrete tower that is reinforced with steel and has 118 steps to the light.

Built as a navigational aid to fishermen and mariners this historic landmark has been restored to its original beauty and stands today as a symbol of strength and guidance to not only sailors, but, to all of us.

In 2002 the Cape Anguille station was transferred to the Southwest Coast Development association. The lighthouse keeper’s house is now used as the Cape Anguille Lighthouse Inn.