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Original Paintings > Memories of Yesteryear, St. Vincent's
Memories of Yesteryear, St. Vincent's

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Image Size: 19 in. X 32 in. Original acrylic on masonite. Framed. $695.00

Memories of Yesteryear, St Vincent's, circa, 1930

St. Vincent’s is a small community located at the  eastern  entrance of St. Mary’s Bay on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. It was visited by the French  and Portuguese fishermen between 1500-1700.  Sometime shortly after 1700 English and Irish settlers permanently settled there and established a salmon fishery.

 It features Holyrood Pond a 14 mi. long by 1 mi. wide pond, which contains many species of salt-water fish because a “gut” (small part of the beach) opens and the fish swim in to the pond.

The first school was built in St. Vincent’s in 1860 followed by a church on Chapel Hill in 1884.

Today it boasts a lookout station in the beach area where one can view the bay and observe the whales. It also houses the Fishermen’s Museum which contains artifacts of the community and surrounding area.