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Fort Pepperell, St. John's

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Image Size: 9 in. X 12 in. Original acrylic painting on canvas. Framed.

Fort Pepperell

In 1943 as a result of the “Destroyers for bases” deal between the U.S. and Britain, construction of the Fort Pepperell base was completed. It had accommodations for up to 5500 troops who defended U.S. bases, St. John’s area, and Torbay. This property was returned to Newfoundland when the U. S. officially closed it in 1961. Now known as Pleasantville these buildings are occupied by Canadian government offices and civilians.

Hundreds of Newfoundland women married American servicemen they had met on bases such as Fort Pepperell and moved to the U. S. when their husbands finished their duty.