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Hopedale, Labrador

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Image Size: 16 in. X 20 in. Original acrylic painting on canvas, Framed.

            Hopedale Moravian Mission, (circa 1920)


Hopedale, Labrador is situated 140 miles (225 km.) north of Grosswater Bay. Its original Inuktitut name “Agvituk” means “place of the whales”. In 1781 the Moravian church was granted permission by the British government to establish a mission there. The mission complex consisted of a church, store, residences and small huts. The pre-fabricated mission houses were shipped from Germany to Hopedale for assemblage.

The Moravian missionaries have helped to preserve the Inuit ways. The majority of the population are members of the Labrador Inuit Association.

The Hopedale Mission has been declared a National Historic Site; it is the oldest wooden frame building east of Quebec. There is a museum on the site today which is based on the history of the Moravian church.




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