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A Day at the Sawmill

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Size: 9.5 in. X 16.5 in.

A Day at the Sawmill

The sawmill depicted in this painting was built in 1956 by Ross Pike and George Holloway in Charleston, Bonavista Bay at a cost of two thousand dollars. Its sixteen horse-power diesel engine has been operated continuously for fifty years with extremely minimal repair- about fifteen dollars in total! Ross and George not only cut and milled their own logs, but, milled the logs of other local suppliers as well. In the early years, the logs were floated down river in summer; hauled on horse-driven sleds (skids) in winter. The milled lumber was shipped from Charleston to St. John's, Carbonear, or Spaniard's Bay. As more sawmills came on stream in the mid-sixties, demand, along with prices for finished wood, dropped. The modern chainsaw and skidoo also affected lumbering and milling operations. George and Ross then worked in forestry and in the local fish plants, but, continued to operate the mill part-time until George's death at the age of ninety-one in 2000. Ross, now over eighty years old, still continues to run a busy, but, very neat mill yard, sawing logs for his own use.