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Hebron Moravian Mission Buildings

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Image Size: 12 in. X 16 in. Original acrylic painting on canvas. Framed.

Hebron Moravian Mission Buildings

Located on the northern coast of Labrador approximately 150 miles (240 km) north of Nain this Moravian Mission station was established in 1830 taking six years to build. It assisted the Inuit people with their spiritual and corporal needs. In 1959 inhabitants were pressured by the provincial government to relocate southwards without any means of compensation. The people moved to Nain and Hopedale and the Moravian mission building was abandoned.

During the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 (which killed an estimated 20-40 million people worldwide) only seventy people survived out of the Hebron population of 220. Since it was winter and corpses could not be buried in the ground they were dropped through the frozen ice.

The Moravian Mission building is being preserved from an ACOA grant of over $630,000. This structure represents one of the two most historically significant Mission Built Structures in the province; the other is the Moravian Mission in Hopedale.